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Seattle Condo Market: Trends for 2012

Jeff Reynolds of Urban Condo Spaces has reported that the first quarter of 2012 will be quite impressive in terms of Seattle condo sales.  He also predicts that the market could be moving in favor of sellers with more and more condos available under the $400,000 price point.  Check out his article to find out more about the predicted upward trends and the Cristalla condos’ gold medal-worthy sales.

Lunchbox Laboratory Opens in Bellevue

When the original LunchBox Laboratory opened in Ballard years ago, it made news as a burger shack unlike any other, with its over-the-top flavors and use of high quality ingredients, and now that it’s come Eastside, it’s prepared to satisfy and entertain food fans with its unique blend of flavor and nostalgia. Bellevue’s LunchBox Laboratory has both a restaurant and a full bar, with their hours easy to remember – open daily, 11 to 11. LunchBox Laboratory is located at the base of 989 Elements apartment building.

Amazon’s Venture in Seattle’s Denny Triangle

Amazon is once again expanding its footprint around the South Lake Union neighborhood. According to a report from the Seattle Times, will be purchasing 3 blocks of commercial property in the Denny Triangle from Clise Properties.

The company’s impact  on downtown Seattle is evident in the vast array of new shops, restaurants, and entertainment available in South Lake Union.  Plans for the Denny Triangle space include three separate office towers with 1 million square feet of office space each.  If built, the three buildings would contain nearly twice as much office space as the Columbia Center, Seattle’s tallest building. The move would double Amazon’s presence in South Lake Union, creating a likely increase in pressure for rentals and homes for sale in the area.

Businesses Want to Attract Young Families to Downtown Seattle

The Downtown Seattle Association is making a big push for younger families to remain in the downtown area when their children reach school age.  The association is working on two major initiatives in order to facilitate the push including plans for an outdoor play area and a downtown elementary school.  With more and more young tech prodigies moving to the Seattle area, it makes sense that the city should make room for their families as well. Visit for the full story.

The Four Seasons Private Residence


317114 8 0 e1328543382439 Major Price Reductions At Four Seasons, Current Inventory

The residence at Four Seasons in Downtown Seattle has brought 11 of their units back up for grabs.  The price tags on these units are showing drastically lower numbers as compared to the last time they were on the market.  The Four Seasons has a total of 12 condos available ranging from $1,475,000 to $7,155,000 (1,170-4,488 sq. ft.).